How To Ask For A Google Review:

A Complete Guide

At SMS Reviews, we are constantly thinking of new and innovative ways to support our customers in generating positive online reviews. Of course, Google comes out on top of the list when it comes to a user destination that drives strong and impactful online reviews. Almost everyone checks Google reviews before they attempt to research a new service provider.

So, asking for Google reviews is critical for many reasons. Reviews are far more impactful than any marketing copy you come up with. Approximately 63.6% of consumers will check Google for a review before doing business with you. This is more than Facebook, Yelp, or any other major review platform. 

Furthermore, people trust the reviews they read. One study revealed that 79% of consumers trust reviews as much as they would a personal recommendation from a friend or family member.

Of course, a single review will not be enough to bring in new customers. Another study found that 70% of online shoppers read a minimum of one to six online reviews before deciding to do business with an unknown entity.

So, what are the benefits of getting high-end service Google reviews for your field services business?

  • Trust: Project yourself as a local brand that consumers can trust. An unknown business is risky, and modern customers don’t like to take risks with their money.
  • Marketing: Businesses with lots of reviews are more likely to stand out than those with few reviews, because that’s what customers are searching for when deciding which pest business to go with.
  • Automated Promotions: The power of reviews is that your customers are doing your marketing for you. There’s nothing more powerful than word-of-mouth marketing, and if your current and former customers are spreading the word, it’ll be way easier to close new business.
  • Improvement: Even great reviews may possess some valuable feedback on how you can improve. Most people are unlikely to call you and tell you directly what they were unhappy with, but they might reveal it in a review.
  • Improve Your SEO: Did you know that 46% of all Google searches are local? For local searches, high-end service Google reviews are the leading ranking factor. The more reviews you have, the higher you’ll rank in these searches.

In short, knowing how to set up Google reviews and collecting as many of them as possible can help you advance your local field service business in any number of ways.

How To Ask For A Google Review From Customers

Working out how to request a Google review is not always as straightforward as it seems. It’s not uncommon for business owners to wonder whether they will annoy their customers, or how best to contact them to increase their chances of success.

Here are some techniques for obtaining Google reviews for your company after services have been completed.

Ask In Person

Many technicians might be nervous to ask for Google reviews directly, but it remains one of the most effective strategies to acquire them. Once things have wrapped up, your technician will probably come face-to-face with the client for an inspection of the work. This is an excellent opportunity to ask them to leave a review and to direct them where to do so. Most of your customers will be receptive to leaving a positive review if they’re happy with your services. The issue here is scale and consistency. You wish you can automate this right?
SMS Reviews has the answer to your wish!

Submit SMS Review Requests (recommended method)

Why is requesting customer reviews via SMS message is the right way to go?

Did you know that customers are 7.5× more likely to respond to a text than an email?

When an SMS message is sent within a few hours of your service, response rates of transactional texts average 45%, blowing past both email and phone, and are more convenient and less intrusive for your customers.

If you’re using a platform like Outreach powered by SMS Reviews, you have taken the right step to automate your request for reviews. Our customers generate online reviews while being busy running their business. You focus on your business and let us worry about generating positive online Google reviews for you. 

It is as simple as this:

  • After each customer interaction, Outreach automatically sends your customer a survey text message.
  • Your customer texts back, and Outreach software handles the responses, and you can immediately see the results on a Dashboard.
  • Your most positive customers are forwarded on to complete an online Google review.

Scan a QR Code for Review Requests and Send it via SMS

Many businesses do not have their customers’ contact information due to the nature of their business cycle and yet they want to be able to automate the “Ask for Google Review”.
We assure you that this is not an issue to stop you from engaging with your customers and receiving their feedback on your services and generating positive online reviews.
SMS Reviews has got you covered! We’ve all seen QR codes when we’ve been out and about, and their prevalence has increased during the coronavirus pandemic. A QR code stores important data, which allows people to access information faster and complete specific tasks. The QR Code replaces the need to have your customer’s phone number to send a customer satisfaction survey through an SMS. Instead, customers will be able to scan the QR code using their smartphone. All they need to do is point their camera at the QR code. The QR code will initiate an SMS and prompt your customer to simply click send! From this point, the customer engagement journey will commence and if positive, it will end with a positive online Google review.

When Should You Ask For A Review?

Like most things in life, when it comes to reviews, the right time and the right situation are everything. Unfortunately, this is an area where business owners often struggle. So, when exactly is the right time to ask for a review? At SMS Reviews we figure this out for you and not only that, we also automate the whole customer survey process, so you do not have to worry about it.

Timing is super critical, and you must get it right. At SMS Reviews, this is how we always strike at the right time: send a message to the customer right after the service is done. API integration helps a lot in this respect, and it is a crucial part of the automation process.

Furthermore, we send the customer survey message only between 8 am and 8 pm. We never send messages out of working hours or at an awkward time. Since the frequency of sending messages to your customers is also important, we automate and control the frequency of communication with your customers. 

There are lots of solutions in the market that are indiscriminately sending customers Google review links without knowing if the customer is satisfied with the service or not. At SMS Reviews, we do not want unsatisfied customers to leave negative Google reviews but at the same time, we still want you to hear about the negative feedback and act on it to reduce your Churn Rate.

But how? The magic formula is in the Net Promoter Score. Simply put, customer ratings between 0 and 8 go to a secure, non-public portal and can be analyzed on a dashboard. However, customer ratings between 9 and 10 are great and those customers will receive a message with your Google review link, where they can leave their positive review that will promote your business.

Yes, happy customers are the best marketing tool you will ever have.


Google reviews is the way to go. It is very powerful and impactful. Asking for a customer online review in-person is the most effective way, but it limits your scale and consistency in achieving a high number of positive reviews, which you do need!

Knowing when, how and via which channel to ask for a Google review will increase your chances of obtaining positive reviews in the first place. Automating this process will maximize your chances of growing your positive online reviews consistently. The name of the game here is scale.

That is exactly what we do at SMS reviews.

Let me recap:

  • We help you engage with your customer after each business interaction.
  • We provide you with insights on how the customer rates your service.
  • Our solution is smart and can differentiate between a satisfied and unsatisfied customer. 
  • For the unhappy ones, they must be addressed and that is why their feedback is privately featured on a dashboard for you to see and act upon. 
  • For the happy ones, we must amplify their feedback and take their reviews public and hence drive your positive online Google reviews. 
  • Through SMS Reviews you do not only collect tons of positive online Google reviews, you also get to rate the service of your employees and collect tons of feedback in order to innovate and improve on your services.
  • And guess what, it is all automated.  We set it up for you and you go on with your business, while the positive online Google reviews flow in.

To learn more on how to generate positive online Google reviews, please book a time for a quick consultation session with us: