QR Code Scans Can Boost Your Reviews By 300%

1. Scan QR Code using any smartphone

2. Our software auto generates and sends an SMS

3. The customer responds with feedback

4. “Positive” feedback is posted on Google

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How The Process Works

    • Customers will be able to scan the QR code using their smartphone. All they need to do is point their camera at the QR code.
    • The QR code will automatically generate an SMS on the customer phone and prompt your customer to simply click “Send”! Once they click “Send” this SMS message is sent to our Outreach application.
    • The Customer Survey now starts. The Outreach software automatically sends your customer a response, which is a survey text message with a question to rate your business.
    • Your customer texts back their answers and the Outreach software then processes the responses, after which you can immediately see the results.
    • Your most loyal customers are then prompted to complete an online review of your business, which is posted on online e.g. Google.

Want To Use QR Codes? We Have You Covered

We’ve all seen QR codes when we’ve been out and about, and their prevalence has increased during the corona pandemic. A QR code allows people to access information faster and can even be utilized to ask them to complete specific tasks.

At SMS Reviews, we realized that QR codes can help businesses across different industries to easily reach out to customers to get their feedback, without the need of having to register their contact information.

Many businesses have a high volume of walk-in or drive-in customers every day visiting their locations. They face the obstacle to initiate direct engagement with their customers; they do not have access to simple contact information such as a phone number!

The QR Code replaces the need to get your customer’s phone number to send a customer satisfaction survey through an SMS.

We use QR codes in a new and unique manner to initiate the customer engagement journey and to get their response to a customer satisfaction survey.

More reviews from happy customers

Customers using Outreach see 200-300% more reviews each month.

Face it, your customers aren’t leaving as many reviews as you’d like because it’s just not convenient for them. But Outreach automatically texts each customer after an interaction to make sure they’re happy, then sends them a direct link to leave you a review right from their phone.

Reduce churn rate

Improve customer retention by up to 10% with Outreach.

You lose the customers you don’t hear from, and that hurts your bottom line. Use Outreach to hear from all of your customers. If something went wrong, you’ll find out about it right away, and turn that customer’s experience from bad to amazing.

Track employee performance

Improve your Employees’ performance

Employees are the face of your business, but you can’t be there beside them all the time. By using text messages and quantitative scores from customers, you gain insight into exactly how your employees are doing. Identify your rockstars, see who might need a little help, and track performance improvements over time.

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How it Works?

After each interaction, Outreach software automatically sends your customer a survey text message

Your customer texts back, Outreach software handles the responses, and you can immediately see the results

Your most loyal customers are forwarded on to complete a online review of your business


            • We handle phone number and text message setup for you
            • Overall company score and reports
            • Per-employee score and feedback tracking
            • Email notifications of negative feedback
            • Discover the Net Promoter Score® for your business
            • Easy dashboard report with filtering capabilities
            • Track which customers you’ve followed up with
            • API for integrating your software with Outreach
            • Send individual surveys or send a large batch to many customers

See what our customers say

Jeremy L
Preventive Pest Control

I have been blown away by how useful Outreach has been for us. we work very hard to train our employees to give great experience to our customers

Bethany L
TLC weed Control

Working with SMS Reviews has been a great experience for me. Their tools and support have exceeded my expectations.

Tom G
Rebuild Construction Srv

Top SMS Marketing Solution. The SMS Reviews team has earned my full trust based on results delivered