Perspexi Labs is now O3

We’re all about feedback here: not just helping our customers get more of it from their customers, but in listening to the feedback we’re getting directly ourselves. There’s always room for everyone to improve, and we’re very excited to announce that one of the ways we’re improving is by moving to the name O3.

We love the name Perspexi Labs, but let’s face it: it’s not the easiest to say or spell. We’ve heard from many of our customers that they love telling people about our product and what it’s doing for them, but trying to remember or communicate the name is a challenge. We’re hear you! We’ve been working on the concept and the name for a long time, and feel that O3 really represents who we are and what we’re doing.

O3 (that’s O the letter, not a zero) stands for the three Os in one-on-one, the type of relationships we help businesses foster with their customers. We’re all about one-on-one communication and we’re proud to now have a name that’s more tied to our focus.

The Outreach app that you know and love stays the same. We’ve worked hard to make sure all links and bookmarks will automatically update to our new website,

We’ve got some exciting things coming we think you’re going to love. Watch for future communication from O3! Thanks for being amazing customers!

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